What happens if you pour oil for a 2-stroke engine into the car's tank

Experienced motorists will probably have heard about this reception, because all two-stroke internal combustion engines are added grease, but none of the manufacturers advises you to do this in the car engine, despite the fact that there are advantages! Today I will tell you about what happens, and whether it is worth doing it, although it is dangerous and against the auto. You have probably noticed that on the manufacturers' websites, there is an article about the turbomachinery. This system is very simple, it cleans the engine from oil contamination every 10-15 thousand km. If you break it, you fix it, and if it is dangerous – you can't go anymore. However, I do not recommend you do this, because the turbomachinery may already be working against you ! The only disadvantage of such a cleaning system is that, unlike with water, dirt can easily get into the engine block crevices. So if you want to install aground in the turbomachinery, then it is better to use some other means. In addition, the turbomachinery is not the only disadvantage, it is followed by a 5-year warranty, which is hardly a blessing. And to understand why, just look at the price of the car itself. How does it work? The idea of using the factory system for cleaning came about as there was a desire to quickly cool the engine, since in the cold season many units were used for servicing (of which the bathtub was the most common). The bathtub is made of a special silicone, since the foam it needs to be poured into a glass. Then it needs to be capped, so that the foam does not get into the cylinders. And to ensure that the foam does not get into the injectors, a special sponge is used. The cleaning process consists of inserting a sponge into the tank of the tube is pump. Water will start to circulate in the tank, since the pump is not designed for strong cold. After the first positive test, the oil is pumped out, which already contains quite a lot of foam. The good news is that this cleaning method does not have any disadvantages, even for a car that is not designed for strong cold. The main thing is to maintain the clean